As global finance becomes increasingly interconnected and driven by innovative technologies like blockchain, organizations have an exciting new opportunity to play a lead role. They’re joining the Roxe Chain Supernodes Partner Program and helping lead a new paradigm in global value exchange in the process. 

Supernodes are essential to Roxe Chain, the blockchain infrastructure of third-party value transfer solutions was created by Roxe Chain Foundation to enable the world to exchange value as quickly and easily as it exchanges information. Roxe Chain connects scattered financial assets, markets, and systems worldwide, eliminating the friction of traditional finance to make global instant settlement and cross-border payments faster, more reliable, and less expensive. For a detailed description of the Roxe Chain, please click here.  

A Perfect Match for Mercurity

The global fintech company Mercurity Fintech Holding (Nasdaq: MFH) opted to become a Roxe supernode early on. As one of the first of 21 supernodes, Mercurity immediately saw the benefits of governing and maintaining the Roxe Chain. Mercurity has placed itself at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation by providing a portion of the computing power that ensures efficient operations across the entire Roxe Chain network. 

Erez Simha, Chief Financial Officer of Mercurity, has been impressed by the many advantages of Roxe Chain supernode status. “We became a Roxe Chain supernode because we recognize the tremendous value of the Roxe Chain infrastructure in connecting an extremely fragmented, global financial system,” he said. “Being a supernode positions us as an innovator, and will allow us to benefit from faster, more cost-effective international payments and remittances powered by Roxe Chain.”  

Like other supernodes, once activated, Mercurity will earn a monthly share of the total revenue that the Roxe Chain Foundation receives from Roxe Chain users for sending value through the chain. Operating as a supernode is possible either with a private data center-hosted server or via a cloud service provider. Roxe Chain uses real-time, on-chain clearing, with Roxe supernodes completing the corresponding block production, bookkeeping, and real-time recording of account books. 


Take the First Step

Optimal Roxe Chain supernode candidates come from the financial services, fintech, tech, and government (central bank) sectors. Organizations worldwide are invited to apply. 

A commitment to providing reliable “always-on” operations and ample computing resources is essential for Roxe Chain supernode candidates. A pioneering spirit also comes with the territory. 

Is your organization ready to become a Roxe Chain supernode candidate? Get started by applying here.