Roxe Chain Foundation Mission

Roxe will free the value locked inside the world’s scattered and fragmented markets.

Roxe Foundation’s mission is to build an infrastructure upon which other institutions can develop global payment, settlement, and other value transfer networks across asset classes.

Online asset circulation via Roxe’s infrastructure can extend beyond digital assets and payments to virtually any asset that can be tokenized with blockchain technology. Using the Roxe Chain, any organization can develop applications and freely choose its role to participate in minting, redemption, clearing, settlement, and/or leveraging these services for transactions.

Roxe Chain enables the world to exchange value as easily it exchanges information.

Free the value locked inside the world’s scattered and fragmented markets. 

Roxe connects scattered assets, markets, and systems around the world to unshackle asset transfer from the friction built into financial institutions’ account systems.

Together, network nodes will forge a value transfer blockchain that supports the free movement of value globally.

Lightning-fast blockchain purpose-built for value transfer 

Roxe Chain is a blockchain system architecture based on Graphene technology, which is an open-source blockchain technology written primarily in C++. Graphene technology supports vertical decentralized applications and horizontal expansion through a plug-in structure, and is based on a BFT-DPoS (Byzantine Fault Tolerance-Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus plugin and sharding.

The blockchain is designed with high concurrency, aaBFT-DPoS consensus algorithm, Transaction as Proof of Stake (TaPoS), High throughput Graphene technology, and high security hardware, code, and processes.

We believe that collaboration with our stakeholders is a key ingredient to delivering value to network participants / nodes.

Roxe Chain is open-source, and we welcome developers to join our community:

  • A Maximum of 21 Roxe Suerpnodes will provide computing power to ensure efficient operations for the entire Roxe Chain network. They will also govern the Roxe Chain. Roxe Supernodes are permanently switched on and constantly run the Roxe Chain blockchain software.
  • Roxe Chain Developers are critical partners in our path to creating better, faster value transfer applications. We invite developers to review our developer resources

Apply to be a Supernode