Digital value should move as fast as digital information.

Our vision is to enable the world to move value faster and cheaper, anywhere in the world.

We are building a globally compliant value exchange system and financial infrastructure that will connect more than 160 countries and billions of people

Today, global payments are slow and expensive, supported by outdated, centralized global payments and clearing systems.

Roxe Chain is purpose-built to solve the problems caused by global financial market fragmentation — supporting an ecosystem of applications designed to accelerate cross-border payments, cross-account transfers, and much more.

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Roxe Global Instant Settlement for Banks

Roxe Chain Overview

Roxe Chain is purpose-built for cross-border instant settlement. Its core objective is to establish an efficient value exchange mechanism that will scale across asset classes. The design is elegantly simple, ensuring relatively low interaction with its nodes’ business and accounting systems.

Today, there are thousands of crypto trading platforms, wallets, and industry solutions available globally. These platforms generally have independent and exclusive economic and technical systems, inhibiting value from flowing freely.

Roxe Chain will bridge the divide between technology and value to achieve an inexpensive, open connection to existing value systems.

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Roxe Chain Advantages

High Concurrency

System architecture built with Graphene technology, ideal for vertical decentralized applications and horizontal expansion.

High-speed Consensus Algorithm

Designed to achieve confirmation of irreversibility within one second using the aBFT-DPoS consensus.

High Throughput

Graphene technology and Region technology together provide fast transfer speed, high throughput, and extend the network through cross-chain concurrency technology.

High Reliability and Security

Transparent forging mechanism increases speed of block transactions, network resources allocation ensures bandwidth reliability, and node acceptance standards provide state-of-the-art security.

High Scalability

Graphene flexible modular plug-in mechanism, WASM smart contracts, and Virtual Machine-independent architecture combine to provide high scalability.

Cross-chain Communication

"Merkle Proof" Proof of Action verification, SegWit (Segregated Witness), and Cross-chain Asset Mapping combine to simplify the generation of Proof of Action existence and sequence to promote cross-chain interaction on blockchains.

Node & Network Overview

Supernodes are verification nodes that run the Roxe Chain blockchain.

Supernodes can include companies and countries/central banks in related industries across geographic regions.

Candidate nodes are enabled and can be upgraded to Supernodes when a current Supernode must be replaced — e.g., if it is not meeting operational standards.

Eligible Institutions:


Commercial Banks, Central Banks, National Banks

Payment Companies

Custodian Companies

Brokerage Companies & Securities Clearing Houses

Well-established Tech Companies


A maximum of 21 “Supernodes” that join the network will provide computing power and bandwidth support to ensure efficient operations for the entire Roxe Chain network. The supernode model enables short block generation time, higher efficiency, and anti-fork attributes.

Candidate Nodes

If a supernode triggers a downgrade condition (is unable to perform its obligations as a supernode on time), the top-ranked candidate node, determined by community voting, will step in.

Cross-chain Gateways

Cross-chain settlement gateways support Roxe cross-chain settlement services. Users of cross-chain gateways can perform cross-currency settlement of digital currencies and fiat currencies via the cross-chain gateway.